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Dear Friends, 


Human imagination cannot grasp the suffering, carnage, and agony that would be caused by the use of even a small portion of the world’s over 13,000 nuclear warheads. The impact of these devices of death dwarf the horrific radioactive blasts and firestorms that incinerated Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Nine nations – US, UK, Russia, China, France, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea – stand ready every minute of every day poised at a moment’s notice to unleash the unthinkable. By accident, design, or madness, over time, the use will occur unless we, you and I, unleash the sinew of our passions, the power of our faith and commitments, and the value of our time, treasure, and precious moral agency to stop the madness.


Relying on mere mortals to constrain and control these tools of death is folly.


A misreading of a computer, a mistake by a computer system, a misreading of an adversary nation’s actions, a war escalating out of control, and errors as yet unpredictable remind us that no system created by humans can be more perfect than we are. Thinking men and woman no wiser and more balanced than you and I can never cross the line is simply unrealistic.


We know from recent scientific studies that the tons of soot rising into the stratosphere from less than 150 explosions would so destroy the agricultural base of the planet Earth that civilization would simply end, not in a whimper, but in wails of pain and regret.


There are diplomatic practical solutions to be pursued. There are roads of policy saner and more humane than the present log jam. There are ways out of the dilemma. We need not be victims of our own devices. The moment of negotiations may not be today but the opportunity will arise and we must stimulate and galvanize the political will to seize it and act with clarity to hasten its day.


We go in the direction of prayer. There are forces in this mysterious universe beyond our intellectual reckoning. We call upon you to join us in invoking these blessings with us through prayer. We call upon you to join with millions of caring hearts the world over on Hiroshima Day, August 6th, and pray for the termination of nuclear arsenals before they terminate humanity.


Please take a moment on that day to pray in a manner you choose. Join a group, form a group, or pray in solitude. There are hidden powers in atoms. There are hidden powers in prayer.


For all that is sacred, for all that we love, for the smiles of children yet to be born, we come together in prayer.


 Respectfully with love,

Jonathan Granoff

President, Global Security Institute


Honoring the 2nd Annual Nuclear Prayer Day


Join us on August 6, 2023 (Sunday) for prayers, reflections and action steps for a world free of nuclear weapons. Participants include Bishop William E. Swing, Audrey Kitagawa, Jonathan Granoff, Michael Ramos, Rev. Dr. T.K. Nakagaki, Monica Willard, Elisi Joan Henry, and Michael Fitzpatrick. All are welcome


12:15pm -2pm EDT. St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church (St. Bart’s), 325 Park Avenue, New York, NY US 10022. Light refreshments will be served.  

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We believe as Senator Alan Cranston used to say, “Nuclear weapons are unworthy of civilization.” We research, write, convene, and  work on many levels, from heads of state to public advocacy and need your strong economic support to succeed.

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