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We are profoundly concerned that the current conflict raging in Gaza could escalate and expand into an even further catastrophe. For that reason we share with you below an opinion piece recently published in The Hill. It is our belief that there is a safer and saner course. We hope that this piece contributes to this process and we ask you to join us in advocacy. 


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Jonathan Granoff,

President, Global Security Institute


Making a Clean Break From Israel's "Clean Break" Policy 

"Israel’s conduct in Gaza arises from failed policy thinking and must change fast. It has no choice but to respond to the Oct. 7 attacks and eliminate the threat of Hamas, but it can’t afford to ignore the needs and perceptions of Palestinian civilians ...."

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We believe as Senator Alan Cranston used to say, “Nuclear weapons are unworthy of civilization.” We research, write, convene, and  work on many levels, from heads of state to public advocacy and need your strong economic support to succeed.

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Insight: The One-Person Monopoly of Nuclear Launches

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