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Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament (PNND) is a program of GSI and as an Ex-Officio Council Member I am very pleased to share the below announcement. We urge the sharing of the Open Letter by NoFirstUse Global  which was sent to all UN Security Council Members on March 11. 


Specifically it  calls for the UN and the next NPT Review Conference to: "Affirm that the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is inadmissible." If you cannot watch today's Security Council meeting addressing nuclear weapons, please note that it will be posted at UNTV and will remain available afterwards. 


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Jonathan Granoff,

President, Global Security Institute




UN Security Council Briefing: Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation


18 March, 2024


The UN Security Council will hold a briefing and discussion today on nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation. The session, which can be watched live on UNTV, is being held during the UNSC Presidency of Japan. The Secretary-General is expected to brief the Council.  

Watch Live on UNTV Here

The objective of the discussion is to promote dialogue between nuclear and non-nuclear weapon States. "Conducting discussions towards a world without nuclear weapons — with the participation of nuclear weapons States — is extremely relevant and meaningful,” says Ambassador Yamazaki Kazuyuki, Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations in New York. 


UN Security Council and Engaging the Nuclear Weapon States:

Related Civil Society Initiatives

Several civil society initiatives are related to today's Security Council session on engaging nuclear weapon states in nuclear disarmament. These include, amongst others:
  • Open Letter by NoFirstUse Global which was sent to all UN Security Council Members on March 11 calling for the UN and the next NPT Review Conference to 'affirm that the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is inadmissible'.
  • Joint Statement of 170 civil society organizations presented to the 2023 NPT Prep Com in Vienna encouraging nuclear armed and allied states to replace nuclear deterrence with common security;
  •  Abolition 2000 working paper to the 2023 NPT Com in Vienna on Frameworks for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World
  • Legal Alternatives to War (LAW not War), which advances the rule of law - especially through use of the International Court of Justice - to resolve conflicts and achieve security, rather than the threat or use of force (including the threat or use of nuclear weapons).

Addressing Strategic and Existential Threats Through Common Security and the Rule of Law


Parliamentary Roundtable at the 148th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly
Geneva, Sunday March 24


A roundtable event for parliamentarians and experts attending the 148th IPU Assembly in Geneva to discuss strategic risks and existential threats - such as armed conflict, climate change and nuclear war - and ways to address and resolve these through common security and international law.


The event follows-up the Luanda Declaration on Parliamentary action for peace, justice, and strong institutions which was adopted at the 147th IPU Assembly. The roundtable will consider, in particular, opportunities arising from the UN Summit of the Future to be held in September 2024.


  • Anda Filip (Switzerland)
    Director, Member Parliaments & External Relations · Inter-Parliamentary Union
  • Margareta Kiener Nellen (Switzerland).
    Former Swiss parliamentarian. Board Member, Peace Women Across the Globe. Former Chair of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions
  • Alyn Ware (New Zealand/Czech Republic)
    PNND Global Coordinator. Co-founder Legal Alternatives to War campaign. 
  • Neshan Gunasekera (Sri Lanka/Sweden)
    Board member, International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms. Former Assistant to Judge Weeramantry, Vice-President of the International Court of Justice from 1997-2000.

LAW not War encourages the resolution of international conflicts through the force of law, rather than the law of force - with a particular focus on the role of the International Court of Justice. We encourage you to support the LAW not War crowdfunding campaign launched two days ago (on March 16, 2024).  


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We believe as Senator Alan Cranston used to say, “Nuclear weapons are unworthy of civilization.” We research, write, convene, and  work on many levels, from heads of state to public advocacy and need your strong economic support to succeed.

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