Dear Colleagues,


This is a moment of extreme danger for the world. Nuclear war remains an increased existential hazard for humanity. It is amplified by the Ukraine war and the bellicose outrageous threats of Russia, as well as the failure of the United States, NATO and Russia to renounce their present doctrine that admits the first use of nuclear weapons, a policy at odds with the platform that President Biden promoted in his election campaign that declared the sole purpose of having nuclear weapons is to prevent them from being used. Simultaneously, instead of progress toward fulfillment of the UN resolution establishing Israel that called for a two state solution with a stable Israel and Palestine living side by side, we are shocked by the inhumane attacks on innocent civilians by Hamas and the horrors of the responses by the Netanyahu administration. Chaos, fear, bloodshed, winds of escalation, drumbeats of hatred make unrelenting work for peace necessary. 


Travelling through the night of a storm requires a clear compass. Our efforts, we hope, can help make the guidance of a compass of reason, clarity and practicality clear. There is no substitute to advancing civilization through the rule of law, focusing on human security policies such as are promoted in the Sustainable Development Goals, and utilizing the skills of dialogue and diplomacy. Does this imply that the defensive use of military force should be disregarded? By no means. But, the use of force alone will not lead us out of the current predicaments.


We hope that our work will be of service in leading to a peaceful, sustainale future.


With Respect,


Jonathan Granoff, 

President, Global Security Institute



You Are Invited to a Special and Timely Virtual Event: "Nuclear Weapons and International Law - The Renewed Imperative in Light of the Ukraine War" on 8 November

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The conference will address the continuing and heightened dangers of nuclear war accentuated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and threats to use nuclear weapons. It will feature speakers with a wide range of experience in government, the military, NGOs, academia, and think tanks as well as the Ukraine’s Consul General in New York. This diversity of high-level experts will stimulate substantive and informative dialogue. More information here.


Sponsored by the New York State Bar Association, International Section, and co-sponsored by Fordham Law School, Center on National Security; U.S. Air Force Academy, Law, Technology and Warfare Research Cell; Georgetown Law School, Journal of International Law; Catholic Peacebuilding Network; Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy; and the Global Security Institute.


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